3 Clarkes on the Beach

Original post drafted April, 24th — 2018

{ Cate, Elsie, and I in our matching Clarke's }

I unearthed these photos along with this unpublished blog post that remained unwritten except for it's title. It's dated April 24th 2018, just 2 weeks before my accident. Because of my brain injury, revisiting things that happened in the days and weeks leading up to my crash make me feel off balance, the memories are foggy and incomplete, almost like they belong to someone else.

I'm slowly beginning to make better connections and physio has helped reconnect my mind with my body. I feel so much stronger and more like myself.

Brain injuries are harder to treat. And when your body is badly broken, often they get overlooked for your physical injuries. Having others reach out and share their experience with concussion has really helped, thank you for sharing, it's meant a great deal to me.

Getting back to work has been a slow and unsteady process and I feel grateful to have had your support through this difficult time. There are too many who cannot take adequate time off to heal, it hurts my heart.

I hope you've enjoyed these fun photos. Happy Friday friends ♥

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