Video and photo tutorials are available for support on specific patterns as well as general knitting techniques.

Blocking Your Knitting with Jane Richmond

Custom Blocking Screen by Jane Richmond

Blocking Your Knitting

This in depth photo tutorial guest post will walk you through how to block your knitting.

Custom Blocking Screen

An in depth photo tutorial on the blog with step by step instructions on how to build the perfect set up for blocking your knitting. 

Picking Up Stitches Tutorial with Guest Jane Richmond Swatching in the round with Jane Richmond

Picking Up Stitches

This step by step photo tutorial will walk you through how to pick up stitches and illustrates some of the common pitfalls and helps you troubleshoot your way to the perfect picked up finishes.

Swatching in the Round

This picture tutorial illustrates how to swatch in the round and explains why swatching in the round can make or break your project!

Understanding Fit with Jane Richmond

Understanding Fit

In this post you will learn how to chose your size before beginning a knitting pattern and how to interpret negative/positive ease by comparing body measurements to finished garment measurements. 


Video Tutorials


Magic Knot

This video tutorial will teach you how to join your knitting using a double knot. 

Magic Loop 

In this video a tutorial you'll learn how to cast on and begin knitting using the magic loop method. 

Turkish Cast-On

This video tutorial will walk you through how to begin your project using the Turkish cast-on method.

How to Make a Pom Pom

This video tutorial explains the very simple method of making a pom pom without any specialty tools, using only your hand. 


This video tutorial will demonstrate how to perform the sk2p used in the Arika Cowl knitting pattern.

How to Block the Arika Cowl

This video shows a brief time lapse of me blocking the Arika Cowl.

Pick Up & Knit a Buttonband

In this video I’ll show you how to pick up stitches for your button-band while knitting the Fernwood Cardigan pattern.

Optional Twist

This video is specific to the Marian Cowl, a free pattern, and will show you how to make a mock mobius from this simple accessory.


This short video shows you how to use the M1R (make one right) to create a right slanting increase.


This short video shows you how to use the M1L (make one left) to create a left slanting increase.

Pattern Posts

Arika Cowl

Fernwood Cardigan

West Coast Cardigan

Winston Pullover