Alana Dakos is Never Not Knitting

While blog surfing one day I discovered the blog Never Not Knitting by Alana Dakos. While scrolling through her original designs along the sidebar of her blog I found an archive of Podcasts. I've never listened to a Podcast so I decided to listen to Episode 1 while I finished my web surfing. I enjoyed that episode so much I immediately downloaded all 22 available Never Not Knitting Podcasts. I am slowly getting caught up, listening to one episode per night. Alana does such a super job with the podcast, it is simple yet well thought out. There are reoccuring themes such as Product Reviews and Stories from Listeners. What I enjoy most about the podcast is how much I can relate to the knitting obsessed mentality, Alana's style is conversational which quite often reveals quirky habits that make me laugh out loud and think "That's hilarious, I do that too!". I have made it as far as episode 9 thanks to a double dose last night during some late night knitting. With a friendly voice and down to earth attitude I can see why Alana's Never Not Knitting Podcast has aquired such a following. If you are as crazy about knitting as I am you will certainly enjoy listening!


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...and did I mention the theme song is hilarious!

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