An open letter to my friends...

I've had the overwhelming urge to write a love letter to my friends and I thought what better day than Valentine's Day to do just that.

A little over a year ago, after 10 years together, my husband and I separated. Please don't worry, both parties involved are much happier people because of it and I promise you this post is not meant to be depressing.

I've spent the last year reconstructing what normal means for myself and my daughter, I've learned a lot and grown so much from it. Through these trials true friends have emerged and shown me that I'm not alone.
Ladies - you know who you are, I dedicate this post to you

And to each and every one of you who takes time out of your day to read my blog - It might sound silly, but knowing you guys were out there reading and interacting with my posts was a reason to keep writing, and without that, I might have fallen into a serious funk. It's kept me going and given me a reason to contribute on a regular basis instead of falling silent.

So to all of my amazing friends here at home and virtual friends from far and wide, thank you for your love and support and...

Happy Valentine's Day!

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