Classic Raglan KAL / Week 1

They are hosting a Classic Raglan Knit Along over on the Canadian Living Craft Blog and because my first Classic Raglan Pullover gets so much use I thought I would join in and make a second!

The Details ::
Start | March 2nd, but feel free to jump in anytime!
Duration | 6 weeks.
Join | Leave a comment on the Canadian Living blog.

My Progress ::
I purchased my yarn on Friday. I bought this gorgeous blue green colour but after recharging over coffee, Rebecca let me try on her Classic Raglan Pullover and I fell head over heals with the rustic Straw/Mustard colourway she had chosen. We packed up and returned to the store where I made the quick exchange.

I cast on at 9 pm on Friday night and after 5 straight hours at Knit Night on Saturday I have completed the first round of waist shaping.

My first Classic Raglan Pullover was a size 34 (zero ease) because I wanted a comfy pullover that I could hide out in this winter... something really cozy but not baggy. It's now a wardrobe staple and I absolutely love it but spring is on the way and I'm ready for something a little more fitted. I've cast on a size 32 (2 inches of negative ease). My desire to wear the finished product is very motivating... I think I might have this one finished quite quickly!

Join In ::
This is going to be a really fun knit along, the pattern is really well suited for a KAL, so join in on the conversation over on the Canadian Living craft blog:

We're also chatting about it in the Jane Richmond Group on Ravelry... come say hi! And remember to use the tag ClassicRaglanKAL when you add your project to Ravelry, it's an easy way to link us all together :)

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