Classic Raglan KAL / Week 4

My Classic Raglan Pullover was the only project I brought with me on our Fibres West trip last weekend but to be honest, I didn't knit nearly as much as I thought I would. Partly because this is a big project to lug around. Arika had a small project stashed in her purse so while we were waiting at the restaurant, sipping coffees at Starbucks, or taking hours to make yarn buying decisions, Arika would just pull out her knitting. I was so jealous, it made me want to cast on socks :) I was also really exhausted from the early morning and the running around that by the time we crashed in our hotel I was like a zombie, I only had enough energy to stare at the tv. You know it's bad when you're too tired to knit.

Another reason for my slow progress this week is the crazy amount of swatching I've been doing since arriving home with all of my loot. I have big plans for my Sweet Georgia Yarn, I'm like a mad woman, I can't stop! I'll prove it to you...

This is what my hand looked like after a full day of swatching with Riptide. You can actually see how I hold my yarn by the blue marks on my fingers... Clearly I am a thrower who uses her pinky for tension :)

As for my Classic Raglan Pullover... I bound off my first sleeve this morning. Considering this project needs to last me through the 6 week duration of this KAL, I think the slow down was just what I needed to keep pace.

Are you knitting along? How's it coming?

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