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My third pattern from our new book is Climb, a simple pair of hiking socks.
It's no secret, I love sock knitting. Actually the first blog post I ever wrote, was all about why socks really are the perfect project. I never knit complicated socks, just plain stockinette, because I find it so relaxing. I love self striping sock yarns because they add some excitement to my projects without having to use complicated stitch patterns.

Another love of mine is hiking. If you follow my Instagram feed you know that I hike Mount Douglas with Elsie almost every Saturday and I try to squeeze in an adult hike once a week as well (easier during the summer months when it's light out later).

From top left: Mount Doug summit, Mount Work, Mystic Beach, wooded trail to Mystic Beach, Lone Tree, Mount Finlayson with Cate, Mount Douglas viewpoint, Gowlland Tod Park/Caleb Pike Access with Rebecca, Mount Tzouhalem with my family, Mount Douglas at sunset, Mount Work, Pickles Bluff, Mount Manuel Quimper, Wallace Hill/June Springs Loop, Mount Doug with three yellow duckies, Mount Finlayson with B
I always hike in wool socks and my Keens. Although self striping sock yarns are fun, I don't always feel like sporting rainbow socks and went on a mission to knit my own hiking socks that resembled the work socks that we all know and love. Although traditionally wool work socks have one stripe, I added two to my design to make them a little different. The double stripe also reminded me of the knee high tube socks I was obsessed with back in high school.
Shannon thought that these hiking socks would make a great addition to the book and our JOURNEY theme. I couldn't agree more. Here is my final pattern from the book, Climb.

I've been wearing my pair constantly! I honestly can't wash and dry them fast enough. I need to knit about a dozen more pairs.

I knit my socks at a slightly looser gauge, I like having stretchier fabric for my hand knit socks. It also means that these socks knit up in a flash! And the heel is simple and easy to memorize, if you haven't knit socks and you are nervous to try these are a great pair to get you going.
...and this is the last week to pre-order the book!

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