If you knew me back in high school you'd know that I was a chronic doodler. I doodled on all of my books, my binders, scrap paper, even my own skin. My note taking was always derailed by the longing to doodle in the margins. After entering the real world, aka graduating from high school, there isn't nearly as much time for doodling so needless to say it's been years since I last doodled.

I'm reading The Happiness Project, a book that was mentioned a while back by Julie. I covered the book with a brown paper grocery bag which isn't something I normally do but I tend to be hard on books...

Jane Richmond Blog - Doodles

...and all of a sudden, I'm doodling again. It brought me right back to high school and all of those text books covered in brown paper adorning the Quaker Valley High emblem.

Jane Richmond Blog - Doodles

And somehow my knitting obsession worked its way into the mix....

Jane Richmond Blog - Doodles

...which gave me an idea, why don't I use my doodles to learn to screen print (which is something I have wanted to learn to do forever), and that idea turned my ink yarn ball into this...

Jane Richmond Blog - Doodles
What fun!

:::Are there any other doodlers out there?

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