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Fibrations 2013

I've been a terrible blogger the past few months. This summer has been absolutely glorious and we've jam packed as much outdoor activity into it as possible. On the Island we enjoy a mild climate all year round, we do see all four seasons here but we don't experience the extremes during summer and winter like some parts of the country do. While we get to enjoy the great outdoors all year round we don't always get nice hot summers that make you crave the change in seasons by the end of them. However this year has been different. It has been the most sunshiny, beach-day everyday, stock your trunk with a picnic blanket and beach toys kinda summer that I can remember. Elsie and I have been treating this weather like it's not gonna last, trading our Saturday hikes for beach days, living in our bathing suits, camping on the coast, and soaking up all the Vitamin D we can. I apologize for the hiatus and hope that you've been too busy with your summer time fun to have noticed ;)

. . .

Yesterday was the third annual Fibrations festival at St Ann's Academy downtown Victoria. The turnout at this event was amazing as usual and I love the sense of community you feel at this homegrown fibre fair, it's always a fun time for everyone, vendors and shoppers alike.

I took most of my pics with my phone so this recap is pulled from my Instagram feed...

{ Setting up among the trees in the orchard with Nook. and Miso Crafty Knits }

{ our booth in the glorious sunshine }
~ photo courtesy of Aja's Instagram feed ~

{ view from our booth, such a beautiful venue }

{ Caitlin's adorable set up made me want to camp out in the orchard with her and knit }

{ Anna, Amanda, and Caitlin }
~ photo courtesy of Anna's Instagram feed ~

{ In true form Rebecca was knitting during the entire event }

{ the weather did turn and so we raised our canopy and I traded my Rae scarf for the Grace cardi }

~ photo courtesy of Jana's Instagram feed ~

{ amazing home grown produce from my friend Emily }

{ our friend's camped out behind the scene's knitting in the sun }

The day was super busy and I loved meeting so many amazing knitters. We received such a positive response at our booth and I left feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards each and every wonderful person who came by to express their appreciation for my work and the book. It was overwhelming and incredibly encouraging.

. . .

A very special thank you to Shannon and Arika for being my right hand ladies at the booth, I couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you Cate for being so fast on your feet when it started sprinkling and we needed to raise the canopy! And Aja for your help with tear down (..and for all of the chocolate!).

. . . stop Knit City in October!!! Mark your calendars!!!

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