I'm doing something I've never done before, I'm donating my hair. I'm pretty lazy about cutting it. I normally go a year without a cut, if not longer. When it gets long enough that only elaborate braids will keep it contained, I know it's time to chop some off. My sister recently took the plunge and had her gorgeous hair cut short. She was planning to donate it but realized after the fact that it might not be long enough to donate. It got me thinking, why had I never thought to donate my hair? I was overdue for a cut and stretched it out a little longer so that I would have more to donate. I now have 28 inches of hair and an appointment on November 28th to have it loped off, I'm really excited to put it to good use. I wanted to blog about it because if it weren't for my sister mentioning it in passing, it may never have crossed my mind. I have a ton of hair and it's easy for me to cut off a bit more than I normally would, I'm putting this out here in case you have the same and like me, hadn't realized there was a need.

. . .

I am sending my hair to the hair donation program listed on the BC Cancer website, these are their guidelines:

- Hair must be in a ponytail with elastics or ties at both ends (not loose or braided)
- Hair must be a minimum of 8 inches in length
- Hair must be untreated (no colour or perms)

    The requirements for hair donation (length, treated vs. untreated hair, etc.) vary depending on where you donate so I would highly recommend doing your research FIRST before getting your hair cut. In my searching I found this page listing many of the big donation programs complete with requirements for each (some of these programs will accept treated hair so take a look if you're worried you don't qualify!).

    Wish me luck!

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