In The Garden / A New Beginning

{ Ranunculus & Hyacinth }

Amongst all of the madness last fall of finalizing book number two, big changes were happening at home too! Elsie and I (with the help of a ton of friends!) moved from our temporary situation in a happy little apartment with a shady balcony, to a more permanent space in a townhouse (mama has a bedroom again! yay!).

What's even more exciting is that our new place has a modest patch of grass out back that is all our own! We can't wait to get digging! Spring has sprung here in Victoria and everywhere you look, the markets are setting out their plants, bulbs, and veggie starts. I've been collecting things little by little without any real plan.

{ Sweet Woodruff - one of my fave's }
As far as I can tell the space doesn't offer much more sunlight than our old patio so I may be limited to what I can grow in the ground. However the top of our fence gets longer hours of sunshine so I've put my herb planter boxes up there to soak it up.

{ remember these? they've been hibernating all winter and are just starting to show signs of life! }

There are also a couple of beds in the common area that have been converted into veggie plots which is SO exciting! It takes the pressure off of my little shady space -- rather than attempt to grow food back here we can just plant things that are pretty and help tend the communal garden.

{ Columbine }
I haven't started digging yet, just collecting plants, and in the weeks to come I plan to map the sun as it falls on our yard to get a better picture of which areas of the yard will get the most hours of sun during the day.
I hope this might be the beginning of regular In the Garden posts -- I have missed doing them, to me they feel like journal entries, because gardening is something I am so passionate about.
What's growing in your garden this early April? Do you have a space that requires you to think creatively? I'd love to hear how you make the most of your growing space!

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