In the Garden / Bonus Beds

Wow! Is it just me or did summer fly by in the blink of an eye?

I'm sad it's nearly over but I really have no regrets. For the first time in years I let myself really enjoy the summer months with planned vacation time and random days off to camp, picnic, play, beach comb, you name it, we did it!

And amongst all of the craziness my garden grew leaps and bounds while I wasn't looking. I figured a garden update was in order!

I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but our new place has a communal garden on the grounds consisting of two full-sun vegetable beds that were originally planted by Lifecycles (amazing!). Since moving in I'd watched them like a hawk hoping someone would tend to them and I could enthusiastically volunteer my assistance but the beds overwintered and then spring came and they were badly overtaken with morning glory and mint. No one paid them any mind and eventually most everything edible died off.

{ strawberries transplanted from the old house }

I waited until I couldn't take it any longer and finally asked our caretaker if I could manage the beds. By this time it was late spring and I'd blown my gardening budget on my own backyard. All I had to offer was my elbow grease and a large collection of seeds from gardens past.

I bought some cheap soil and started as many seeds as I could on my window ledge and out back. While I waited for things to germinate I set to work cleaning out the beds (an enormous job!).

The seeds were old but everything sprouted and the neighborhood kids were eager to help plant up all of the young veggie starts.

{ nasturtiums from seed }

{ sweeties--started late--from seed }
Lately I can barely keep up with the weeds, watering has become a bit of a chore in this heat, and the soil needs some serious amending, but things are growing and I'm excited for next year when I can get a head start on my seeds and time to create a garden plan.

I'm already collecting seeds and drying them in my closet to use for next year.

{ dried chive flowers }

{ seed packet template by Gayla Trail of You Grow Girl }

And I just harvested my first handful of green beans for lunch today!
(Feeling pretty darn lucky)

What about you? What are you harvesting from the garden this August?
Does anyone have tips on simple ways to amend poor soil?

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