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In the Garden / Planned and Unplanned

{ poppy seeds I scattered absentmindedly at the end of last year are beginning to bloom for the first time }

When we moved into our new place our teeny tiny yard was just grass. I dug a narrow bed half the length of our fence and slowly filled it with the plants we'd brought with us plus random new ones I'd pick up here and there. My impulse buys quickly filled the empty spaces and I started adding length each time I'd bring a new plant home, until soon, the bed spanned the length of our fence and there was no where else to go.

{ Mr. fig is just starting to show leaves -- I may keep him in his pot so I can maximize his sun exposure by moving him around }

It's really not like me to go without a plan. If anything, I over plan! But I'm happy with the way our little garden has come together. It's not perfect. And it's no where near complete. But there is no pressure and it's allowed me to enjoy it more. There are definitely things I'd like to change, plants I'd like to move, and things I've changed my mind about.

For example, I've realized I enjoy daffodils in open fields of grass, and cut in a vase on my desk, but not really growing in my little garden. ...Elsie disagrees.

This is a Pink Lemonade Blueberry plant. I picked one up at the Root Cellar for a friends birthday and Elsie insisted we have one of our own. The berries are said to be sweeter and less tart than the blue variety. This variety doesn't require a partner to be productive which is ideal in our limited space. I love the pink-tipped buds.

{ primula -- one of last years impulse buys! }

{ the oregano has come back soft and bushy -- I love running my fingers over it }

I've also just planted the first seeds of the season in preparation for this years vegetable garden in the communal plots. If you're not sure when to do what, the planting charts from West Coast Seeds are invaluable, I use them every year.

{ I've started these seeds indoors on a small window ledge }
{ These seeds will be planted directly outdoors, I've organized them by month }
Are you making plans yet for this years garden? I'd love to hear what you plan on growing!

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