In the Garden /// Signs of Spring.....?

Here on the southern most west coast of BC, on Vancouver Island, we enjoy some of the mildest temperatures in Canada. And in what should be the dead of winter, it always amazes me how early the first signs of spring appear. I've been walking more (a lot more actually, thanks to the rampant spread of Fitbit contagion that's taken hold of my friends and I), and walking more means peaking at gardens while on foot -- which I'll admit, as a gardener and lover of all things that grow, happens to be one of my favorite things.

In our little garden we've been enjoying the most brilliant and unexpected display from our 2 hellebores. This being our first over-winter for the garden we planted, I was totally surprised that these understated plants bloom in the middle of winter! What a treat!

Also our chives are coming up, which is always a sign I need to dust off my food growing skills.

And then late in the season last year, on a whim, I broadcast some poppy seeds. I just love seeing the fuzzy little buds on these guys.

. . .

If you are enduring a seriously cold winter I promise I'm not trying to rub spring in your face, I know how lucky I am and maybe you could live vicariously through me until the ground thaws where you are

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