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I've started my first round of seeds indoors. Last year I sowed way too many seeds of each variety (I seem to do that every year), only to realize on transplant day that there is only so much room in the vegetable garden, I only need a few of each variety, and I don't live on a farm :) By the end of last years growing season I was bound and determined to be way more organized this year. So from the seed catalogue I also I ordered labels and a special wax pencil, I've made extensive spreadsheets to keep me on track and I've filed all of my seed packets in accordance to sowing times.

...I've also planted only a few seeds for each variety.

Jane Richmond Blog - in the garden

After growing everything my heart desired last year many things proved to be not worth my time, not well suited to our plot, or problematic (our entire Brassica crop got mites and had to be pulled up and disposed of). This year I've decided to be really picky about what I grow with a major focus on tomatoes. I really like West Coast seeds because they are fairly local to us which means they share a similar climate to ours. They also offer varieties that are proven winners for coastal gardens, because it's a challenge that not every gardener faces I am really thankful for region specific varities :) I don't even want to talk about how sad the tomatoes were last year :(

Elsie and I planted an entire row of peas mid February only to have every last sprout cleared by slugs! Argh, pests! I would love, love, love to hear how you keep your veggies safe from slugs! Anyone have useful tips?

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