IN THE GARDEN / Succulent Babies and More

We've had rain followed by plenty of sun and the gardens are looking really lush! I only have a few photos to share this post — I had taken a bunch more in our sunny garden where the vegetables live however, lack of shade means shooting needs to be done on overcast days and unfortunately my sunny day shoot didn't turn out as well. Oh well!

I've moved all of my indoor succulents outside where they are much happier. I love propagating succulent babies with leaf cuttings, it's so fun to watch! My results had been varied until reading this post, now they are pretty consistent!

My kiwi babies are filling out! You may remember I started these guys from seed that I'd collected from local fruit. I'm waiting for them to grow flowers so that I can determine which plants are male and which plants are female.

{ My two hellebores are winding down as things warm up }

{ pretty poppies started from seed }

If you've been following my gardening adventures over the years you might remember this guy! When we had to leave our big garden I took a cutting from Mama Fig not knowing if it could be propagated this way. It's fate was fairly in the beginning but this little fig is a survivor (and definitely my baby)! He would probably thrive if I could give him more sunlight but for now he's content enough to produce fruit – I couldn't ask for anything more :)

Here's a picture of the original cutting (it was essentially just a stick in dirt for months and months!) – Elsie and I were incredibly surprised when this sprout pushed it's way up the following spring!

What have you got growing? Have you propagated plants from cuttings?

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