ISLAND Book Launch Party / Recap

Last Saturday, Shannon and I organized a book launch party at Knotty by Nature to celebrate ISLAND with our friends and family. It was a great turn out and we all had so much fun meeting new friends, showing off the samples, and enjoying some of the amazing food put together by my amazing friends Rebecca and Arika (thank you both for such an amazing spread!).

{ Shannon, Arika, and I }

{ Rebecca and I }

{ Obligatory Shoe Shot - we take these often }
{ Patricia and Julie - thank you both for coming! }

{ Becca and Marita}
Kylee (our model) and Nick (our photographer) ~ this is a classic Nick face. They both wore polka dots just for me! Aren't they the best!
{ Jana and Grace }
Grace arrived wearing a Renfrew hat, an Arbutus cowl, and a Georgia cardigan. She apologized for being all "Janed" out, I told her that in light of the occasion, it was totally acceptable and actually encouraged.

{ Cate walked around knitting her legwarmers - she actually finished them later at the pub! }
{ My Family - Auntie Laurie, Uncle Peter, Me, my sister Emma, Kylee, my brother Nick, my brother in law Liam, and my Dad Jerry }

{ Melissa, Liisa, and Rebecca }

THANK YOU so much to everyone who made it out for the party and making it a huge success! I hope fun was had by all!
Special thanks to Stephanie and Ryan for hosting us in their awesome shop, Shannon for taking all of the photos, Rebecca, Arika, Mandy, Shannon, Grace, and Cate for the huge amount of help you lent towards making this event amazing! Photographer Nicholas Kupiak and model Kylee Shaw for being a part of this project and it's launch!!! And big BIG hugs to each and every person who decided to stop by and show their support for the book, it means so much to Shannon and I.
. . .
...and if you missed the party because you're across the water, don't forget we're headed to the mainland January 25th-27th for a mini book tour!

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