KNITTING & SEWING / Over-sized pullover & so many Stratas

It's been quiet in this space for far too long — it's not that I haven't been knitting, I have! I've even finished a few projects which I've been meaning to share. I've been sewing as well — it's something that doesn't aggravate my shoulder so it's been a bit of a creative life raft during my rest and recovery away from knitting.

There was enough light on Friday to take a few shots of some of my finished projects! The first is an over-sized super bulky pullover that I was itching to create. I've been wearing it every day since I bound off, this sweater is like a big hug! — just ignore how shabby it looks, it hasn't had a bath yet!!

STRATA TOP #1 / wearable muslin in stretch

I've also been sewing. I finally got around to making the Strata top. It's been on my make list since Cate and I picked up our issues of Taproot / Make : Vol 1 in Seattle during VK Live last fall. The pattern is by the talented Meg Mcelwee of Sew Liberated and as far as I know this pattern can only be found within the magazine.

The pattern calls for woven fabric but since I don't typically wear many woven tops I chose to make a few out of knit fabric first. This is my wearable muslin, I call it my date-night Strata since I never wear black (I feel too fancy in it, lol) — I finished this one just in time for date night! I made the size S and my only mod was to the neck binding since I was using stretch instead of woven.

STRATA TOP #2 / stretch

For my second Strata I decided to go down in size to the XS. I used the same neck band mod as my muslin, added a patch pocket, and added an additional 1.5" of length to the body so that I could wear it with my regular rise jeans, not just high waisted pants. The fabric is a slub jersey that I picked up from Dressew. I'm pretty smitten with this version, the fit is perfect, it's exactly what I was hoping for, this is definitely my new favorite white tee shirt!

STRATA TOP #3 / wearable muslin in woven

I splurged on some beautiful rayon from Dry Goods Design during a much needed solo adventure I took a few weeks ago. I also stocked up on muslin (old bed sheets) from the thrift store and made this woven muslin from a cool old vintage fitted sheet I found!

I used my pattern pieces from the white knit Strata top above — XS with an extra 1.5" of length. I also added mock sleeve cuffs and a patch pocket (I add patch pockets to everything — they make me feel less fancy).

Have you finished any projects lately? Anything you're loving so much you're living in it?? ...also don't forget to check back later this week for a special spring sale announcement!


  • Thank you so much for your reply! I will check out YouTube ASAP. Currently on vacation and now I can’t wait to get home and cut into my cute knits!

  • Hi Lindsay! I’m so glad you like my knit version, it’s very comfortable and gets a ton of wear. I just applied a basic knit band to finish my neckline. As a general rule I typically use 80-90% of the neck opening to calculate how long to cut the neckband. I hope this is useful! If you needed a guided tutorial I bet you could find a ton of useful videos on YouTube for this type of finishing. Best of luck!

  • Hi Jane! I’m a beginner sewist and wondering what mod you made to the neckline in your knit version. I have some knit fabric that would look super cute with this pattern but not sure how to modify it for knit fabrics. Love your knitting patterns too by the way. 😍


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