Level 3

In the spirit of sneak peaks I wanted to share what's on my needles.

I've just finished a heap of deadline knitting and pattern writing that will not be published by me (something I've never done before!). I was hungry to knit something fun, mindless, and most importantly, quick!

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Recently I shared with you my urge to dive into my WIP bags rather than start something brand new. Now I told you about my system, and the two main catagories I have for Works-In-Progress:

Level 1 | Brown Bags: Recent projects kept at eye level and within arms reach, with the intention of working on them in the near future.

Level 2 | Top Shelf: Projects in long-term hibernation with no deadline. This is where WIPs go when they need a "Time-Out".

But I forgot to mention category number 3...

Level 3 | Boxes: These WIPs don't even live on the shelf anymore, their home is in one of two boxes kept in the closet of my office, they rarely see the light of day.

This yarn came from a level 3 project that I decided to frog...

This yarn is special to me because at a time when my yarn budget was almost zero a good friend of mine bought it for me because she knew how much I liked it (Thank you Zo).

The yarn is Rondo by Sandnes Garn and it's morphed into a lot of different design ideas since it was gifted to me. It also happens to be discontinued which means after this sample is complete I'll be on the hunt for a good substitute.

Jane Richmond Blog

...so far I'm really pleased with the outcome. I cast on for this cardigan on Friday afternoon and it's just flying off my needles. It's also incredibly cozy so I'm highly motivated to finish!

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