More Sock Knitting

As you may know, I've been on a bit of a sock kick. It began because I wanted to have purse knitting to carry around with me, so I cast on a pair of Audrey Socks. Then I needed the perfect little project bag to house my purse knitting so I made this at our sewing group and filled it with pair number two, my Georgia Socks. Then I read this post by the Yarn Harlot and was haunted by rainbow socks and the fact that the yarn she was using sold out the minute she blogged about it. Then came time to place our group Knit Picks order and my goodies were all sock related...

I knew I needed to get off my dpns because they were beginning to hurt my hands with all of the sock knitting I was doing. I ordered a 40" fixed circular needle so that I could start magic looping my socks. So much better!

I also ordered this elastic thread. I had seen a machine knit sample of a sock at Urban Yarns that had elastic thread sewn into the band and it stuck with me. I've always thought those elasticized sock yarns were a really neat idea but could never get over how hideous the colour selection was. I'm excited to test it out.

Jane Richmond Blog

And last but not least, I ordered self striping sock yarn... in the Rainbow colourway!

Jane Richmond Blog

I can tell you this, there is nothing more addictive than knitting Rainbow socks. Nothing.

And, each 50g ball of Felici will make one sock for me and one sock for Elsie! Her miniature rainbow socks only require 14g per sock so I am so pleased that we can each have a pair ...and she loves rainbows a thousand times more than I do.

Does anyone else have rainbow socks on the needles?

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