My Knitting Story on Never Not Knitting

If you've followed my blog since it began, you may remember the day I discovered podcasts. The first was Never Not Knitting and although there have been a few here and there, Alana's is the only podcast I have managed to stick with. Maybe it's the regularity of the show, episodes air on the 1st & 15th of every month, it's easy to remember and also easy to keep up with (they aren't too often or too infrequent to follow). Or maybe it's because I feel like we, as listeners, have had a window into Alana's evolving career; beginning at a local yarn store, branching out as a budding designer and becoming a huge success in very little time, fun knitting stories have given way to interviews with famous knitwear designers such as Debbie Bliss and Ysolda Teague. What ever the reason, it's the only podcast I listen to, and I've been a dedicated listener for 2 years now, so you can imagine how excited I was to be invited by Alana to share a knitting story with her listeners!

My knitting story will be on Episode 54 of the Never Not Knitting podcast airing July 15th. Alana will also be hosting a giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a copy of my Georgia pattern along with 4 skeins of Tough Love Sock by SweetGeorgia Yarns in the Tourmaline colourway! If you have yet to get your hands on some SweetGeorgia Yarn here is your chance! Hop on over to Alana's blog to enter!


Georgia Cardigan knitting pattern by Jane Richmond
{ Georgia }

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