Off My Needles / So many FOs!

I've come to realize lately that I've been slacking when it comes to keeping my Ravelry project page up to date. Maybe that's why I haven't written a proper Off My Needles post since March!

Without further ado, let me get you all caught up with what has come off my needles since then...

Do you remember these?

I've taken so long to blog about this FO that they now look like this...

I love these slippers so much! I can't say enough good things about them, they are super fast, the pattern is incredibly easy to follow, and if you've never felted before don't let that stop you, I hadn't either before I knit my first pair. Melynda includes detailed instructions that make it so dead easy.

My Mom loved my pair so much I decided to surprise her for Christmas with a pair of her own. This was the fifth pair of these slippers that I have knit.
Oh and this is Elsie's new move, she never wants me to take her picture anymore, and then after we get started she breaks out this pose, she's only got one move but it's totally adorable when she does it. was her idea to model Mom's slippers.
I knit a pair of rainbow socks for Elsie.

I finally finished a pair for myself.

Can you tell this girl LOVES rainbows? Now that her rainbow hat is complete she would like rainbow mittens and a rainbow scarf.
I made this hat for Elsie right after designing this basic Earflap Hat for Petite Purls, the pattern was published the following year.

The mittens are my kids mitt pattern that has yet to be released. I've knit so many of these mittens using Cascade 220 but this pair, made from Spud & Chloe, has held up so much better because of it's a cotton content. All of Elsie's other mitts would felt right away because she would get sweaty little hands from playing. I've decided to rewrite the pattern using this yarn because it's ideal for children.

This yarn was a bit heavier than the Spud & Chloe Sweater so this hat ended up a little large and because it’s 100% cotton it has a tendency to grow. This hat will fit her for years to come.
This Child's Classic Raglan was knit for KnitPicks, it's a size 4 and now that the sample has returned to me I wish I had knit a size 5 because Elsie is getting so tall and will be 5 in just a few short weeks.

I've been wanting a red hat for some time now. I decided to use the skein of Malabrigo Rios in Ravelry Red that I had splurged on to make it happen. This hat brightens up even the grayest of days! And the yarn is so squishy and soft, I highly recommend it.

B asked me for a new hat last winter to replace her Elizabeth hat. I designed Kathleen for her but loved it so much I couldn’t part with it in the end - I know, I'm a terrible sister right? This year I designed this hat for her as her Christmas gift. I knew she wanted olive green and that she loved the Beatrice stitch pattern because it reminded her of leaves.
My sister Emma loved my Arbutus so I surprised her for her birthday with this. It’s knit from a skein of Madelinetosh DK in the colourway Celadon that Anina at Urban Yarns so graciously gifted me on my last visit.
I designed this for my friend Grace who wanted to knit a wedding cardigan. Choosing the colour for the sample was really difficult, I swatched in many colourways and nothing felt right. I am so in love with this rich Deep Olive by SweetGeorgia, it was worth all of the hunting.
As I was knitting this cardigan I knew it would be my new favorite sweater and now that its off my needles I was absolutely right, I love to wear this cardigan and I couldn’t be happier with the way this design turned out.

This colour really blew me away and I did a ton of swatching before coming up with the design for this hat. The colours in this skein were just so beautiful I knew I had to get it right. It's Madelinetosh Vintage in Cove.
I love, love, love this colourway. While I was knitting these mitts I thought of a million other things I wanted to knit in this gorgeous subtle blue. If I could, I’d knit one of everything in this exact yarn. It's Madtosh DK in Chambray and it goes with absolutely everything!

I had to knit so many prototypes to get the tiers on this design just right - while also using up every last inch of yarn. It was worth all the effort because I am so happy with the end result, I wear this cowl all the time.
I don’t often work with summer yarns like cotton and linen because I prefer working with wool and wool blends and I have to say that this yarn really was a treat to knit with. It's Quince & Co's Sparrow and it's also the perfect blue.
. . .
Well now, that pretty much brings us (and my Ravelry page) up to date!
...oh, except for one secret knitting project that's just come off the needles, until next time!

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