Off the Needles / Quarry Arika

Arika Cowl / knitting pattern by Jane Richmond
Happy New Year!!!

I finished this little project before the Christmas holidays but didn't manage to blog about it. I know what you're thinking... another Arika Cowl? Really? I know. It's just that Arika is one of those projects (a bit like the Linden Mittens) where once you've completed it, you're just dying to try it out in other yarns. To date I've made two in Hikoo (one bright, one neutral), one in Cascade Eco, and this newly completed version in Quarry.

This was my first time knitting with Brooklyn Tweed's new bulky yarn Quarry. The plumpness of the yarn creates a squishy, stable fabric that provides fullness and structure to the finished cowl. Quarry also creates the best fringe! I wasn't able to complete the project with just one skein however I'd bought two skeins and wasn't really trying to. From the first skein I was able to eek out the entire cowl + 36 tassels with the last 10g. I dipped into the second skein to make the last of the tassels which required 26g. You could probably squeeze this project out of just one skein by either 1) omitting the fringe (gasp!); 2) slightly reducing the length; or 3) reducing the width by one repeat of the stitch pattern.

I used the Moonstone colourway to provide a closer comparison between the two other versions.

{ from left to right: Hikoo, Eco, Quarry }
. . .

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends, food and lots of love. that gift knitting deadlines have officially passed, what's on your needles?

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