On My Needles / 3 Projects

I really like these "On My Needles" posts, it's a great way for me to step back and take inventory of what I'm working on...

Project #1:

Jane Richmond Blog - Minimalist Cardigan project 1


First we have the Minimalist Cardigan which I chose as my vacation knitting during our time on the mainland in March. I chose to use some Patons Classic Wool from my stash but as Holly so gently pointed out, the drape won't be the same as the yarn that is recommended. I think my desire to have a mustard coloured cardigan has muddled my logic.

There are two reasons I haven't enjoyed my vacation knitting as much as I should...

1. I have to say that since my little obsession with Top-Down construction I have been less than excited to work with pieces.

2. I haven't really enjoyed the stitch pattern. For some reason when I knit Moss Stitch I find myself wishing I was working in Double Moss Stitch. I feel like you can achieve nearly the same effect with both stitches but with the latter you have the relief of knitting every right side row.

Project #2:

Jane Richmond Blog - rowan kidsilk haze


I am one of those people that is always cold, ideal for a knitter really. I hate to be chilled at the neck so I never leave the house without my scarf, in fact, I wear my scarf in the house as well... I even wear it when I'm baking or doing dishes, tucked underneath my apron. All of my scarves are really long and bulky (besides the Mustard Scarf) and with the weather warming up I really wanted to design a light scarf for spring. I took myself to the Beehive armed with my gift certificate I'd been hoarding since Christmas and picked out two delicious balls of Rowan's Kidsilk Haze. One is powdery blue in colour and the other a chocolate brown. I've never knit with this yarn before which is surprising because it's all my mother ever knits with, I am really enjoying myself and the scarf is going to be so light and airy yet warm and cozy!

Project #3:

Jane Richmond Blog - indigo moon silk and merino


...and last but not least, I've resurrected Trillium, again. This time it's different though because instead of trying to make my original idea work for the Nth time, I decided to swallow my pride, forget the countless hours spent knitting entirely in Trinity Stitch, and go back to the drawing board. I've rewritten the pattern using a totally different construction, all that is left to do is knit, knit, knit and see if the outcome is as good as my vision for this garment... we will see. One thing is certain, I am still madly in love with this yarn!

...what's on your needles?

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