On My Needles / Aestlight Shawl

If you've noticed a bit of a lull in knitting news it's because I have just finished some major deadline knitting, unfortunately top secret deadline knitting.

Once again my needles are free and I am dying to start swatching with my Fibres West yarns on some new designs but I know that some pleasure knitting is in order first so I've cast on for my very first shawl. I don't wear shawls but I would really like to have a triangular shawl to wear as a neckerchief.

On my needles...

Jane Richmond Blog - on my needles, aestlight shawl
...this pattern has been on the to-knit list for ages and it suits my mood just perfectly right now. The yarn is Cashluxe Fine in Saffron by Sweet Georgia Yarns. I had planned on designing my own shawl with this particular skein but having never made a shawl and with a pending knit night on Saturday I really needed some relaxation knitting to bring with me :)

...what's on your needles?

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