On My Needles / Monogamy, After-Thought Heels, and Secret Knitting

It's been forever and a day since I posted about what's on my needles so I thought I'd share my current projects!

Monogamy with the Exception of Socks
I am generally a monogamous knitter. I like to begin and end a project without much interruption, it helps me maintain focus and motivation. The exception of course is socks. I always have at least one pair on the needles to fill the gap when I complete a project, to take along with me when my main project isn't portable, and as backup when knitting is acceptable but an antisocial project isn't (aka mindless knitting). I've knit 4 pairs of Climb's since designing the pattern for JOURNEY because honestly, one can never have too many pairs of hiking socks. And since Elsie and I like to hustle up the mountain (and run back down), I'm pretty hard on my hand knit socks. I've felted one pair from the friction and heat of our high impact hikes. Whoops! Hence the need for backup :)

Afterthought Heels
My friend Cate introduced me to the Afterthought Heel and I'm in love with it! After all, what's easier than knitting a tube sock? What appeals to me even more than flying through the knitting without interruption, is the ability to one day replace the heel altogether when I eventually wear it out. I'm hard on my socks and the heels are always the first to go so I'm pretty jazzed about the possibility of breathing new life into a pair of well loved, hand knit socks.

I finished this pair during our trip to Stitches West, I just need to weave in the ends.

An Exception to the Exception
About a week ago I decided that I wanted my mindless knitting to be something other than socks. I still wanted to be knitting endless stockinette in the round, just not on size 2.75 mm needles with fingering weight yarn, and well, just not socks! I've had this incredible YOTH yarn on my bookshelf since our trip to Tolt last March. The only reason it's taken me this long to cast on with it is because of the quantity--4 skeins of DK is just one shy of a sweater. I love the casual fit of the Palladio pullover and thought it might be fun to omit the lace, and make it all-over stockinette instead. I had a leftover skein of the Madtosh DK from the book sample and it occured to me that adding stripes might afford me the extra yardage necessary to complete the sweater. I've cast on and I'm really happy with it so far!

And of course it would be uncharacteristic of me if I didn't have something secret on the needles...

What's on your needles? I'd love to know!

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