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multiple knitting projects in bags and baskets on the floor surrounded by house plants


I consider myself a fairly monogamous knitter. Even when I have multiple project bags full, I tend to focus on one thing at a time, letting everything else hibernate while I give my full attention to one main project. A lot of time can go by between casting on and finishing a project. I find it helpful to pull everything out of hiding every so often to refresh my memory and renew interest.

I've pulled out all of my WIPs (works in progress) to help jog my memory and visualize how much needs to be done. From most recently cast on to oldest WIP, here's what's on my needles right now... 

Double Moss Cardigan 

Cast On — November 2020
My latest obsession and main project has been a super bulky double moss stitch cardigan. The idea has been percolating for a long, long, time. I've made so many swatches spanning several years, I've hemmed and hawed about the design and the fabric. Finally I decided to just jump in, without finalizing my plans, using super bulky yarn which allows to test ideas out at a much faster rate (plus I LOVE working with it and wearing it!).    


woman wearing an unfinished oversized textured handknit cardigan in a cream colour standing against a white wall


My Fireside Pullover was actually started in much the same way, winging it with super bulky yarn just to get the concept out of my head and onto my needles.

 flat lay of an unfinished bulky hand knit sweater with shawl collar in grey blue

{ Fireside Pullover — super bulky prototype }

Winston Pullover / Berroco Mercado

Cast On — October 2020
I also have another Winston Pullover on my needles! It's my second project for our long-running, open-ended, knit-along. My first project for the KAL was a funnel neck version of Winston which I'm really happy with (and have lost custody of thanks to my darling daughter!). In the group, many knitters were using multiple strands of stashed yarn to make up their super bulky sweaters. I decided to do the same with some gorgeous Berroco Mercado yarn in this scrumptious colour Oro ♥ I'm holding three strands together and am keeping tangles at bay by tucking three cakes of yarn very snuggly into my project bag and pulling from the center of the ball. 

If you would like to read about the knit-along you can find more info here. To view more project notes on my Winston Pullover here is a link to my project page.  


a half finished handknit sweater hangs on a hanger against a white wall

Men's Classic Raglan / Berroco Lanas  

CAST-ON — September 2020
I love working with strong, sturdy, 100% wool work-horse yarns like Cascade 220 or Eco and Patons Classic Wool Worsted. For my second Men's Raglan the staff at my local yarn store, the Beehive, recommended Berroco's Lanas. As with the Mercado I'm really happy with Lanas, their worsted weight pure wool yarn. I chose a colour that's nearly identical to Cam's original sweater with just a touch more blue undertone. I'm so in love with this sweater I may just finish it for myself!  


a half finished men's raglan sweater in brown hangs from a hanger against a white wall

Elizabeth Hat / BT Quarry

CAST-ON — July 2020
Also on my needles (since last July!!!) is an Elizabeth hat in Quarry. I had one rustic skein of Brooklyn Tweed Quarry in my stash and needed a take-along project for a camping trip last summer. I had to go down quite a few needle sizes to get gauge on this project but am loving the snugger fit at the recommended gauge.⁠ Ravelry project page here


aerial view of a caramel coloured project bag and flat layed half finished cabled hand knit hat


Still on my needles and hibernating since my last check in are the Toba Slippers and a pair of Climb Socks!


What's your knitting style? Do you give equal time and attention to multiple projects or do you focus on one thing at a time?  

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