On My Needles / Why Sweaters Will Never Be Socks

I  sock knitting.
I talk about my love for sock knitting often. My very first blog post was an ode to socks and all of the reasons why they make the perfect project. I always have a pair on the needles, hibernating, ready for those times I need a back up project. Socks are my in-between-projects project. But recently, I found myself doing more mindless knitting than normal, simply due to circumstance, and my socks started to feel well, really boring. I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago that I wanted to break away from my norm and cast-on something other than socks as my in-between.

I also  sweater knitting.
I decided to cast-on Palladio in straight stockinette with my super yummy YOTH yarn (it has been staring me in the face for a year now, from my exclusive "shelf for pretty things"). Knowing I wouldn't have enough to complete the project, I decided to stripe it with a skein of Madtosh leftover from the book sample. I planned to make a bunch of modifications and in the end thought it best to re-write the pattern. Aside from a minor restart because of a silly mistake, I've been flying through this knit. In fact, I can't put it down. I work on it every opportunity I get during my spare time. And at the end of every night I try it on. I'm so happy with the way it's knitting up and I'm loving the fit and all the mods SO much.

Why sweaters will never be socks...
There's just one small problem. This sweater, well it was supposed to be my in-between project. It was supposed to span months and months and sit quietly in a project bag while I worked on other things. It was meant to be my back up plan for those times when mindless knitting was absolutely necessary. But instead I'm flying through it and I can't stop! I've learned something though; I may love sock knitting but I love sweater knitting way more. I get really inspired working on sweaters and that excitement is why sweaters will never be able to stand in for socks when I'm in need of just anything to work on.


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