Petite Purls | Earflap Hat

Photo by Brandy Fortune // Image source Petite Purls

Some time ago I submitted a design idea to Petite Purls. It was accepted for the Back to Basics series and I was beyond thrilled. My designs are often very basic, I like to use a simple idea and work towards a clearly written pattern and a garment that fits well. A classic piece is one that you might knit over and over again, each time learning something new about it's construction, each time making changes to suite the wearer.

Photo by Brandy Fortune // Image source Petite Purls

Earflap hats are all Elsie has ever worn. She is a busy girl and has lots of energy, anything else would fall off during play. I really enjoy knitting this style from the top-down as it means no seaming or picking up stitches for the earflaps. It also makes it incredibly easy to customize the length and circumference.

I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I did!

Happy Knitting!

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