Revisions in the Works...

It has been too long since I posted Part 1 of my screen printing tutorial and I'll tell you why... My beginners luck ran out and I was having a really hard time burning my image onto the screen. It seemed like the more I read up on the subject the more I discovered I was doing wrong, until Mother's Day morning when my husband presented me with this...

Jane Richmond Blog

...this book is awesome and the troubleshooting tips in each section are what really helped me pinpoint specific areas that needed to be tweaked in order to have success.

So here is the plan, I'm working on a new Part 1 post using my new found knowledge and will have it up shortly, in the meantime I'll take the old post down to avoid confusion later on.

So bear with me as I'm still learning too and hopefully I'll have some useable information for those of you who would like to try screen printing for yourself.

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