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I recently moved on to the sleeves of my Thunderbird WCC for the knitalong and finished in time to block the cardigan and let it dry over the weekend! Here it is before it's bath...

Working Sleeves Inside Out

If you've ever worked stranded colourwork on a small(ish) circumference like a sock or a sleeve, you might have found your fabric had very little give – try flipping your work inside out so that the strands/floats are carried on the outside – it makes a huge difference!

Working this way doesn't change anything except your perspective (your working needle is now in the back instead of the front) — you don't have to purl or change the way you follow the charts! Everything remains the same. It's difficult to visualize with just a photo — this video was shared in our knitalong group and is an excellent demonstration of the technique!

I hope you find this tip useful! Do you have any tips or tricks you've picked up while learning to work with colour?

If you are thinking of casting on your own WCC, feel free to post in the knit-along thread here — even though the official deadline has passed, it's a great way to share your project with other WCC knitters.
It's also become a wealth of information. I've compiled a list of all of the WCCKAL posts. Some of them break down the more involved portions of the pattern. They're a great resource if you're looking for more in depth instruction and visual tutorials!

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