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This fall we thought it would be fun to highlight a favourite pattern each month! September the spotlight has been on the Arika cowl and throughout the month we've posted helpful tips and tricks on social media, shared a few inspiring projects, and have a giveaway planned to close out the month! I thought it would be handy to recap some of the highlights here on the blog!


1 — Seaming

When seaming, it is very important to leave the 2x2 ribbing unstretched, so that the knit 'columns' are visible and the purl 'columns' are hidden in between (see picture below). This creates a wider neck opening, and provides structure to help the cowl stand up around your neck.

This tip is written into the finishing instructions of the pattern however, in the excitement to finish an Arika, it can sometimes get missed which is why I am bringing this tidbit to attention!

For anyone who has already made the Arika and found their cowl a little too snug around the neck, it may be worth taking out your seam, and redoing it with this tip in mind!

2 Stitch Pattern

Did you know? The openwork section of the Arika Cowl, which gives it the amazing shape, and drape, is a variation on the Herringbone Lace Rib Stitch? ⠀

This stitch combines knits, purls, and yarn-over stitches to give you a mash-up of standard 2x2 and eyelet ribbing. With a simple two row repeat; one action row and one rest row, it's really easy to memorize (and easy to read your stitches)!⠀

3 Right & Wrong Sides

Sometimes it's difficult to differentiate the right and wrong side of a fabric before a knitter develops that familiarity and is able to "read” their stitches. The Arika cowl has a unique openwork ribbing, the right side of the fabric can be distinguished by it's pronounced knit columns between the paired eyelets. The wrong side, as pretty as it is, can be recognized by the purl bumps on the backside of our right sides tidy knit columns.

(right side)
(wrong side)

4 Fringe

If you're running low on yarn when it comes time to add fringe, a genius hack is to omit the fringe along the back neck. You can also opt to use this mod if you'd prefer a little less bulk in the back!

Discount + Giveaway

We were fortunate enough to have our local yarn shop Button and Needlework Boutique sponsor this months pattern highlight! If you're local to Victoria they've been offering an incentive to cast on an Arika, head in and grab a skein of Kenzington by Hikoo for 10% off the regular price before September ends!

They've also generously donated a skein of yarn to giveaway with a copy of the pattern to one lucky knitter! To enter the giveaway hop on over to Instagram for all of the details!

And that's a wrap! Until next time, I'll leave you with this stunning version of Arika knit in Tanis Fiber Arts Grey Label Chunky, isn't the Tartan colourway incredible?

Don't forget to tag your projects with the hashtag #arikacowl so that I can see your beautiful work!

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