SUMMER SEWING / Wearable Muslins & Cranky Shoulders

After dealing with a cranky shoulder since early December, I was eventually diagnosed with calcific tendonitis this April. I've had months of aggressive rest and no knitting and have really struggled with whether or not to share about it online. But I've learned that sharing these kinds of things rather than trying to face them alone, can often help with healing. I'm so grateful for the love and support I've received from my friends and family during this time, it's helped to keep me positive and afloat ♥ I hope that sharing with you will help explain why I've been a bit quiet over here.

In it's place I've been doing a lot of sewing. I normally sew more in the summer out of a need for new things to round out my wardrobe. I sew primarily with stretch/knit fabric and was getting really tired of ripping my hair out trying to hem and finish t-shirts with my sewing machine (argh!!!). I did a bit of Googling and learned that a coverstitch machine, although a bit pricey, can be a total game changer. After some research and inquiring what others were using I put a deposit down on the Janome CoverPro 2000CPX at Sawyer's in the hopes that I could make it mine in time for my birthday! It came home with me a week before my b-day (thank you Mom and Cam ♥) and just in time for my first ever visit to the infamous Dressew in Vancouver (Yesss!).

So far most of my garments have been practice while I'm getting familiar with the new machine. I've made a few pairs of really comfy joggers that I'll try to photograph and share, as well as some basic tees. Years ago I drafted a template for my ideal t-shirt by mashing up a few of my favorite sewing patterns and since then it's really all I sew — the only thing that changes is the fabric :)

With my new haul of fabric from Dressew I decided to try a few different patterns to shake things up a bit. I've sewn them up as wearable muslins to get an idea of fit before cutting into my new fabric.

Kimono T-Shirt

First is a the Kimono T-Shirt, a free pattern by Maria Denmark. The overall construction is super easy and sews up in no time! I followed the pattern exactly but I might like to tweak my next one.

Briar T-Shirt

Next up is the Briar T-Shirt. I've been obsessed with this tee ever since my friend Mandy posted her muslin on Instagram (she's also written up a great post about it on her blog here). It has a really unique hemline and I love the fit of the tee shirt, it's so comfortable! The pattern itself is also beautifully laid out and easy to work from.


I do think I'll tweak this one as well — it's far too long on my short frame even though I have a long torso. And as much as I'm in love with this hemline I'm not sure I love it on me, so I may try a few different things before cutting into the final fabric.

Do you do more sewing in the summer months like me? If so, what's on your sewing table?

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