Summer Storms

For whatever reason, we don't seem to get thunder and lightening here in Victoria, not ever. I've heard explanations involving the mountain ranges and our location but couldn't find any information when I Googled it. When I lived in Pittsburgh we would get the most incredibly intense summer storms and I loved them. These heat storms would roar with thunder and the sky would suddenly open up all at once, and rain would fall so hard that just a second outside of cover would drench you to your underclothes. And then, just as quickly as they would start, it would all be over, and we would ride our bikes around the neighborhood assessing the damage. It was common to find trees or large branches on top of cars or blocking roadways. One year a tree fell on our neighbors newly laid roof.

On Friday morning I woke up to the sound of thunder, it was so uncharacteristic of this area that I dismissed it at first. That night Elsie and I watched a storm move across the sky from my office window. There was such a distinction between the clear sky and the area that had clouded over from the storm. It moved quite quickly and was really neat to watch.

Do you love summer storms?

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