Symphony Splash

I attended the Symphony Splash with Fran this year. The crowds were amazing and Fran had scored us some really great seats on the sloped lawn of the Cosway.

I really enjoyed the bright colours of the canoes, kayaks, and boats patiently waiting in their front row seats...

Jane Richmond Blog - symphony splash

The Victoria Symphony ready and waiting on their floating stage...

Jane Richmond Blog - symphony splash

The lawn of the parliament building was jam packed...

Jane Richmond Blog - symphony splash

Fireworks during the finale...

Jane Richmond Blog - symphony splash

...It was a wonderful night but I must say that soloist Phillip Manning on the violin was the highlight for me. I favor the violin in instrumental pieces because to me it sounds like someone singing the melody, it evokes emotion and really draws me into the music. What a wonderful performance. If you were in attendance last night I hope you enjoyed the Symphony Splash as much as I did.

...and Happy BC day to all my fellow Canadians!

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