The Finalists

The race to be the first ripe tomato is finally over. Today I picked these beauties off of their vines, they are the first ripe tomatoes of the season and boy was it a close finish. Gold Nugget is our official winner, these three little guys were properly ripe when I picked them and practically fell off the vine. Tied for second place, Rocket and Glacier weren't quite as ripe but tasty nonetheless.

Here are the results of the taste test:

Rocket was sweet and very mild, this tomato packed the least punch, we'll see if it's a better contender when it's good and ripe. I give it third place.

Glacier was our flavor winner, a little sweet with just enough acidity to give it zip, this one packed the most punch, even slightly under ripe! Yum.

Gold Nugget had a bit of zip too but was milder than the Glacier, I haven't been as impressed with the yellow tomatoes in previous years, they've seemed a bit bland against their red counterparts. This one was quite nice in the flavor department.

Are you growing tomatoes? Who were the winners in your garden this year?

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