The Tomatoes are Turning

Our tomatoes started to turn a few weeks ago. There has been no shortage of tomatoes in our house since then...

jane richmond blog - tomatoes and cosmos on window ledge
Our Cherokee Purples sunbathing on the window ledge.

jane richmond blog - in the garden, tomatoes ripening


Cherokee Purples are new to me, they look very similar to Heirloom Tomatoes, I'm sure someone can tell me whether they are or not. They are beautiful to look at and so delicious, very juicy with a mild flavor, very little acidity. I will grow these again.

jane richmond blog - in the garden, tomatoes ripening

These Romas are patiently waiting for my Mother's arrival this Wednesday. They are to become a small batch of my Mum's infamous Basic Tomato Sauce.

in the garden - jane richmond blog

Our Sweet 100's are by far the greatest producers. Again this is my first year growing this variety and I will not be growing them again. They are very acidic and taste alot like tomato juice, Elsie won't eat them and she loves tomatoes. The plum sized tomatoes are Camparis, we raised the plants from seed and have been very anxious to see if the fruit would hold up to the store bought tomatoes. They are just as sweet and delicious but with one major flaw, the skin is very tough... hmm. The little guys outside of the plastic shell are Sugar Snacks, they are nice and sweet, I will be growing these again aswell. We only have one plant so we treasure what little fruit we harvest from it.
jane richmond blog - in the garden
The tomato patch. They are caged... and staked... and out of control!

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