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This year is an "away" Christmas for almost everyone in my very large family. Because of this there are many "early" Christmas' scheduled during the weekends leading up to the big day. This means that I can finally blog about some of the Christmas knitting I've been doing since the recipients received their knits last weekend.

For a handful of ladies in my family I chose to knit the French Press Felted Slippers. This was my first felting project, I think the only reason it has taken me this long to learn to felt is because until now I hadn't really stumbled across anything that appealed to me. The verdict... you must make these slippers! If you are dedicated you can easily have a pair of slippers knit, seamed, and felted in less than one day. The pattern is easy to follow, the yarn is inexpensive, and the finished product is absolutely adorable. The girls loved them...

Jane Richmond Blog - French Press Felted Slippers for the girls
Last Christmas I set out to design each hand knit gift from scratch. Marian, Elizabeth, Frances, Aesderina and Nicholas were all named after their recipient. What a relief to have found a pattern that suits so many on my knit list. Although I can't say I haven't designed any Christmas gifts this year, I can't help myself...

Jane Richmond Blog - quick mittens for men

...Liam has been waiting since last Christmas for a pair of his own pop-top mittens, this year I've written a pattern for very quick and easy mitts for men made from chunky yarn... the best part, they are super easy care, they can be washed and dried in the machine! (I'm not sure why his tongue is out, unfortunately this is the only picture I have of the finished mitts! lol)

It has been bitter cold here lately so I whipped up a pair of mittens for Elsie to match my Red is Best Mittens. They are really dear and she doesn't mind wearing them so I believe they are a huge success.


Jane Richmond Blog

...I hope that everyone is making good progress with their Christmas knitting, for a stress free holiday season remember to be realistic and don't bite off more than you can chew!

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