In the Garden... the last of the peas.

We have a ton of peas in the garden and they are starting to look a little tired.

Jane Richmond Blog - in the garden
{ Snap Peas / Sugar Daddy from West Coast Seeds }
~ sown outdoors feb 15 ~

Jane Richmond Blog - in the garden
{ Elsie likes me to split the pods open
so that she can eat each little pea }

Jane Richmond Blog - in the garden

We took our big green bowl outside and harvested what was left on the shoots, which was alot, considering just 10 days earlier I had filled this bowl...

Jane Richmond Blog - in the garden

...then we pulled out all of the plants. I've really tried to stay on top of the vegetable garden this year. I love how each vegetable has a time of year it grows best in and the beds are constantly changing. Lettuce, radishes, carrots, and beets are constantly being sown for a continuous crop throughout the season. I really enjoy these cycles and I'm trying to use the space as efficiently as I can. I have a notebook which I use diligently, although I have to admit there are a few gaps in my note taking. I've learned so much this year and there are so many things I plan to do differently (better) next year.

Do any of you who tend vegetable gardens have rituals you swear by? A spreadsheet? A notebook? A calendar? How do you stay organized? I'd love to know.

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