NEW PATTERN || Tube Socks for Kids

I've been working on a fun little pattern for spring!

I knit my daughter a pair of self-striping rainbow socks. She loved them dearly but grew out of them quickly. Although her foot had outgrown the heel, the socks still fit perfectly around her foot and leg. I decided that her next pair of socks would be tube socks, no heel to grow out of so that she could wear them longer, and a much faster knit for me with no heel to turn!

These socks knit up super fast and are really fun -- perfect for gift knitting! I've even included a teeny tiny newborn size so you can knit up a pair the night before a baby shower!

...and the best part? The pattern is FREE!


...and just a reminder, tomorrow is the last day of the 3 for 2 sale!!!

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