It seems everyone in my family needs (or wants) a new hat this winter. That gorgeous red yarn I brought back from Vancouver... that was going to be a scarf or cowl design but Elsie saw me winding it from my swift and asked for a red hat. I couldn't say no :)

Chris also asked for a new hat. He knew exactly what he wanted and therefor received a custom hat designed just for him. This is what he ordered...

{ Joe }
I did quite a bit of swatching to get the fabric to match what he had in mind. I was trying to avoid 1x1 Ribbing for the knitters sake but to be honest, this hat flew off the needles and was actually really enjoyable. I really like the yarn I chose, it's soft and a great weight (I love DK). It's also an easy care yarn :)

For more details on this pattern visit the pattern page.

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