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I never know how many readers are local. If you are, I'm excited to announce that you can now buy hard copies of my patterns at two awesome local shops!


Knotty by Nature

If you've never been into Knotty by Nature I highly recommend visiting. This LYS is so much more than a yarn store, you'll see what I mean after visiting the shop!

The biggest appeal for me is the commitment of the owners, Stephanie and Ryan, to enriching the local fibre community. They've created an inviting space with comfy seating and offer things like the Knitting Needle Exchange where you can cast off old needles you don't use and maybe pick up a pair that you will! They are also responsible for launching Fibrations, a new local fibre festival that made it's successful debut back in August.

{ Ryan's hand dyed yarn }

Doesn't Rae look amazingly luxurious knit up in this silk/wool blend?

and Langford...

The Cloth Castle

Everyone knows that The Cloth Castle carries a huge selection of fabrics but did you know they also have a knitting nook!

Not only will you find hard copies of my patterns you'll also find a ton of great samples of my designs knit up by the uber talented Rebecca of Nook.

...and for those of you who need a little help getting started or want to take your skills to the next level Rebecca teaches a wide range of classes, many of which feature patterns of mine!

...oh, and did I mention they now carry SweetGeorgia Yarns!

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