Belated Holiday Wishes to Everyone!

I decided to unplug over the holidays. My daughter was home from school for two weeks (one week due to a cold and the other for Christmas break) so working over the holiday season wasn't even an option. So for those of you who have emailed me, sent me a message on Ravelry, Facebook or Etsy, I apologize for the delay and I am slowly getting caught up on my responses.

One thing I didn't get to do before going on holidays is blog about an early Christmas gift that was sent my way. About midway through December I received an unexpected package in the mail from the seriously
talented knitter/blogger/crafter extraordinaire MisoCrafty...

Jane Richmond Blog

Is this bag awesome or what!? It's the larger size project bag so it can accomodate a huge amount of yarn, knitting, notions, you name it.

Jane Richmond Blog

This gift could not have come at a better time. Incidentally my Jordanna Paige bag broke, the strap gave out rendering it totally unusable. In all fairness the bag was getting used on a daily basis and I'm sure I exceeded it's load carrying capabilities by lugging my camera around in it on occasion. It was my only winter bag (yes, I retire my bright orange canvas bag at the end of summer... because it's my summer bag!). So I litterally used this project bag as a knitting bag & purse over the holidays. It carried a pullover project, my wallet and all of my little essentials from my old purse... with room to spare! Thank you Melissa for saving the day!

Jane Richmond Blog

I know from reading her blog that Melissa is a serious perfectionist and now I can vouch for that, this bag is really, really well made. You can find her bags in her Etsy Shop, I didn't see any of the larger bags in stock but the smaller ones are a heck of a deal right now, she's having an extended boxing day sale.

. . .

And as you may have noticed, the comments are still open on my launch party post. Today will be the last day to enter to win my entire collection of patterns. The winner will be announced tomorrow!

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